We have worked it out that there are 5 crucial questions you need to ask to fully understand your pension:


  1. Do I have a private pension? If you’re working, or self-employed, putting money in a pension is very tax-efficient, and a great way to build up wealth – especially if your employer contributes.  Ask your employer where you stand.
  2. Am I eligible for the State Pension?  Right now, the State Pension pays up to €243 per week.  But it’s not guaranteed and not everyone gets it.  Ask the government if you’re eligible.
  3. Have I lost pensions? Remember that old job you had, or the year you spent in Australia?  It all counts.  Consider tracking down your pension from old jobs and moving them to a single provider. We can help you transfer or consolidate your pensions.
  4. What is my pension gap? Your pension gap is the amount you need to save between now and retirement to live the way you’d like to.  It is essential to know if you’re on track so you can take action now to sort your financial future.
  5. What are my options to close my pensions gap? Contact us for a pensions health check to get a detailed view.