Why choose us for Investments?

At Bruen Financial Services we pride ourself in providing unbiased, fully researched and risk assessed Deposit & Investment options to Individuals, Corporations, and Pension Funds.

Given the low interest rates and high Tax rates, your money is earning less than 0.5% (net) in most deposit accounts through your Bank.(Source: Bestadvice.ie July 2016)

At Bruen Financial Services we provide solutions across 9 Providers.

We advise on, and manage, existing investments on behalf of clients and feel it is extremely important to be aware of the RISKS associated with any monies invested.

What makes us different?

Our Advisors have great experience, we provide advice on a range of investment solutions to meet our client’s needs.

We can advise on the best options for:

  • Building up a nest egg for a property /car
  • Investing for (if appropriate) your children’s education needs
  • Tax based investments which achieve up to 40% of a Tax saving (Regulated advice only)
  • Providing guaranteed income generating options to those in retirement

We have also extensive experience on savings structures to avail of tax based incentives such as the annual gift tax exemption.

To gauge your attitude to risk in terms of a potential investment, please feel free to complete the interactive risk assessment questionnaire below and contact us with any queries on what options will suit you.

Source: Aviva Life and Pensions. For illustrative and guidance purposes only